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Perhaps you could get some ideas from the traditional items associated with a 12th anniversary.These items are;The traditional 12th wedding anniversary has a theme of Linen and Silk.The contemporary or modern 12th anniversary has a theme of Colour Gems and Pearls. The flowers associated with the 12th anniversary are PeoniesThe Gemstone list shows Agate.I was interested because my husband and I also have a wedding annivesary on that date and that combination of two themes...
With that size and depth pan, I would use the nails or heat core.Had a major disaster with the same size square, a couple of weeks ago.The oven could be better, I admit but I would never risk baking a cake of that size again, without using a heat core.Learnt a sharp lesson and have obviously got away with quite a lot by sheer luck, in the past!
abchambers, what number anniversary is it for, please?
Many thanks and a very Merry Christmas from Australia.Very warm and humid, here on the farm at Glenorie, NSW.Not good weather for fondant work!
Yes, I would like to know the legal view on this one, too.Seems to me that they can't have things both ways; make money from selling the character pans and not want people to use the products as they were intended. But that is just my personal view.It does bring to mind a friend, who is professional cake decorator. She was making the most beautiful Minnie Mouse cake for our big Sydney Royal Easter Show competition. I commented on how wonderful it was, assuming she had used...
Thanks, emma_123.I tried the freezer trick; it was suggested with the enclosed instructions.Did not help at all.Starting to wonder if I got a faulty product or if I am missing something dreadfully obvious here!Really appreciate the input.
Thank you for letting me know about this.The images arrived in what appeared to be an airtight bag, very flat and sealed.They were only removed the once for use and never restored.But I now know they do not like air; many thanks.
They arrived in airtight plastic bags.I kept them that way, till use, following directions given.I had them for a week and stored them at room temperature.I got them out of the bags immediately prior to use.
Had to give up and use alternative decorating.Watching a video on how to use edible images did not help as I had done all the things suggested.Still wish to sort this one out as I do not like unsolved problems!So if any of you have experience with buying specially made edible images, then not been able to remove the backing sheet, I would really like to know.Many thanks and Merry Christmas.
Can anyone please help?I cannot remove the backing sheet from my edible images, whatever I do.I have followed instructions supplied by seller and cannot get the backing sheet off.The edge of the image sheet just crumbles away.Any suggestions, please?Would welcome all advice.
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