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You can make very effective fondant scales by using small, tear-drop shaped leaf cutters.Cut out lots of scales and attach them, slightly over-lapping.Looks fantastic.
Thank you very much, bluedaisies.This may sound silly, but what type of egg cartons do you use?Here in Australia, our egg cartons are mainly made from cardboard, you see.In fact, I have never seen them made from anything else.
Thank you very much Texas_Rose.I should imagine you have a big humidity problem where you live?How do you store the dried shapes, by the way?Thanks again.
I have made several trays of fondant shapes;leaves, flowers etc, which I am delighted with.They were hardening nicely, ready for storage in air-tight containers.Then we got a weather change and the humidity has gone through the roof, here in Sydney.Usually, if the weather is co-operative, the fondant shapes take about 48 hours to harden, at air conditioned room temp.What do people who live in high humidity areas do to harden/dry out their fondant shapes, please?I don't...
It is a bird.Look at the first image you took and imagine you are looking down from above and slightly behind.Wings on either side, head in the middle and tail behind and bird flying to the left.I showed it to my family and without hesitation each member said it was a bird on the wing, flying very high and seen from above.
Perhaps you could contact the makers of that beautiful cake and ask their advice?
Does he have a favourite book?What about a quotation from one of his favourite books?It can be really difficult to come up with a saying, especially when the person means so much to you and you so much want to get it right.My father did not like any reference to his advancing years, so as the birthdays added up, it was quite a challenge.He told the family, when he was aged 94, that walking frames were for old people and made mother return the walking frame to the...
Love the article and picture.A great idea!
Have you tried going direct to her website?
Yes, I would like to know more about these, too.They sell for between $40 and $50 AUD here; a lot of money for me.Would welcome any input from users.
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