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Some of my best tins have come from professional bakers/decorators, who have retired and are eager for their tins to have a good home.It is worth keeping an eye out for people like this; the tins and prices are usually very agreeable!
I have all my mother's cake tins, perfectly cared for by her, many of which are over fifty years old.But my oldest cake tins are the gift of a long-time family friend, who had no daughters/daughters-in-law/grandchildren who were interested in cooking/baking/cake decorating. Two of these tins are seventy-plus years old. I admit they do look a trifle battered but still cook a perfectly alright cake.
Have a look at some of the fondant tutorials at CakeCentral.
I had to make dozens of clouds to put around the sides of a large, square cake.They had to be very striking and cloudy; the cake was for a company promoting some product whose name included the word 'cloud'.I was busy looking at all sorts of cloud patterns via google, when I rembered an elderly set of scroll cutters that a friend had given me. They made the most perfect fondant clouds and I was delighted with the result. More importantly, so was the company! But of...
It will take much longer than you think, so please give yourself lots of time.Have some practice runs before starting on the real thing.Your idea is really lovely; good luck and please do let us see the finished result.
scp1127, thank you so much for this; I find it extremely interesting and applicable.It certainly answers a few questions I have had recently.
Providing you weigh it down well,as PrivateNameHere suggests, I should think it would work.I gather you do not have a ring pan?They are a very handy investment and can be used for many different cake shapes and ideas.I have a very old and battered ring pan, full of bumps and lumps but it still delivers an excellent circle shape to work with.Good luck.
I am coming up against the same problem shortly, making the space background to a death star cake, so am interested in your cake and results.Satin Ice Blue is more of a deep royal blue colour; I have used it on several cakes recently. It is a lovely colour but not quite right for outer-space, in my opinion.I do not know about Fondx, not having used it before..I was going to have a colour-practice morning, experimenting with colours, before actually making the real...
Search the Cake Central Galleries using the word 'car'.Lots of photos of car cakes will appear.You can get many ideas from these photos and some will include details of how the cake was created.Most people who post photos of their cakes don't mind if you email them asking how they made their cake and will offer suggestions and advice.I am sure you will get some helpful ideas from this.Good luck.
Wilton black colourSilver Grey Food Pen by Rainbow Dust4 top quality cake boards ( thick ones, foil covered) sold off at bargain price because they are phasing them out for the cheaper, thinner and less stable variety.
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