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Could you please tell us a bit more about using the towels.I have heard about wrapping old towels in foil to make strips for using around the cake tins.I do get quite a lot of doming and would like to reduce it, if possible.I did not realize the cake strips were to prevent doming; I thought they took the place of heating cores.Keen to learn more about this, please and would welcome any input.
What colour is your bucket of Satin Ice?Is is white or ivory, or a darker colour?
Whilst admiring different cakes on the Galleries, I have noted that several people who posted wonderful cakes (one I really loved was a white cat) said they should have used Pound Cake.This was always when the finished cake was a combination of two or more shapes, which were put together, then lots of carving done to get the wonderful finish.What is special about Pound Cake?Apologies if this seems a silly question but I know very little about the various cake recipes/mixes...
How much have they sunk, a little or a lot?
Have you looked through the CakeCentral Galleries section, using the key word 'fairies'?I did just that and got some lovely results.You might get some ideas from there and perhaps you could email some of the people who made any cakes you especially liked.Galleries can be a real inspiration source.Good luck and do let us know how you go.
If you search our CakeCentral Galleries, under 'book', you will see a wonderful collection of book cakes, in all shapes and sizes.Many of the people who posted the photos have given excellent details on how they achieved what they did.Most people who post photos to the galleries are only too happy to answer direct emails from anyone wishing to know more about their cakes.I learn a lot this way.Good luck.
Am going to have a shot at the Wilton Carousel Cake.Have got the Wilton Carousel Set in my bits and pieces but have never used it.Would welcome any hints or suggestions about Carousel Cakes.Many thanks.
1. I get ideas from many places; CakeCentral, books, magazines, other people, the internet etc2. I don't know about perfecting; I am learning and improving all the time. Some things I think I am quite good at and other things I have a long way to go.3. When I want to try out a new idea, the finished results go along to my husband's work place, where everything is enjoyed and appreciated. What about a retirement home or nursing home; as a nurse myself, I can tell you how...
Like PinkLotus, I have no advice to offer but would like to say that your hard struggle was certainly worth it.The cake is truly beautiful and you should be very proud of it.Well done!
1.Which cake tin do you use the most?2. Which cake tin sits in your cupboard and is never used?3. Which cake tin did you buy because you loved the fancy shape?Cannot wait to compare the replies to my own answers (not yet posted!)
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