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Using this wonderful recipe suggested by MsGF, my daughter and I made the best Christmas cakes our family has ever tasted. We had a trial baking day, as it was a new recipe, and were delighted with the results. I will be posting the photographs I took, plus the actual recipe, next week. Had to make a couple of ingredient changes because of daughter's food problems but they were very minor. This was not an instance of compromise or making do: these fruit cakes were...
That sounds wonderful, I will certainly try it. Much appreciate the link for the book. That is very interesting about you studying chemistry. The two people who have provided the most practical help with my daughter's allergy management ( she was so ill that she nearly died before it was correctly diagnosed), are both chemists. One is a bio-chemist, the other a chemist/physicist. They have been of immense assistance to our family in the handling of allergy problems for...
I will look up the Alice Medrich cookbook. Thanks again so much. This has been so much help and given me a lot of directions to target. I was also going to make my own fruit mince this year, having read on the jars how many additives were in the shop variety. I would imagine that a mix of dried fruits and spices would pretty much work out. Any suggestions about the fruit mince? The European nut tortes sound wonderful. My father was Danish and he loved them.
Oh wow, what a great idea with the beans. Will get onto that immediately. Would it work if I purchased dried white beans, soaked them and then cooked them myself? Do you mind me asking how come you know so much about this type of baking? You seem to have lots of experience with using alternative ingredients. Many thanks again.
Thank you very much for this excellent recipe. Also much appreciate your help with GF flours/baking. Will trial the recipe, with appropriate replacements where needed.
Appreciate your input. Any form of margerine is out, including soy based ones. Nearly all soy products are out: the exceptions are two brands of soy milk and two brands of soy tofu. Anything with additive, preservative or colouring has to be avoided. My daughter has numerous allergies, which can be handled with time and care. The main problem is, that since a very severe attack of glandular fever, her system has become so highly sensitive to numerous other products. I...
Very many thanks. Will search for the book.
Much appreciate your input. 1. Fats: the most that can be tolerated is a spray of olive oil on the cookware.     Thank you for telling me about the almond meal: it is a new igredient to me. 2. Brown rice flour, tapioca and potato flour are fine, also corn starch. 3. Yes, canned coconut milk is fine so long as there is no preservative in it.   Question: could I use fresh coconut milk, do you think?   Thank you very much for all your help.
This is absolutely brilliant. Very many thanks: it is exactly what I need. Not a nasty ingredient in sight: very rare indeed! We will trial-run it this week. Also really appreciate the link which has other excellent recipes as well as the one you suggested.
I am looking for cake recipes, especially fruit cake recipes which must NOT contain the following:   *butter or fats *cheese of any sort *milk *any dairy products at all *white flour *chocolate   Was hoping to replace flour with Almond meal.   My daughter has a very restricted diet indeed and I am hoping to extend it a little.   Would appreciate any ideas or helpful input at all, please.
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