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How much fonderific do you think I would need for this cake? I usually use MMF but I have a hard time covering cakes and since this such an important cake I'm willing to go the extra mile! I think I may practice on cake pans or something this week, what color is added other than orange? I love the color!
thank you so much!!! its either that or a cake that looks like stacked motorcycle tires and im really trying to steer her away from that!!
I just emailed it to you thank you so much!!
Could I email it to someone to post here? I can't post a pic from my iPhone, I've tried 100's of times!
Could I email you a picture?
A friend sent me a picture of a wedding cake that is 3 tiers but they are wrapped in can't actually see the separate tiers...kind if like geint flower petals? Does anyone know what this is called or of any tutorials?
I never even thought of the bouquet, thanks!
My very good friend has asked me to make the cake for her little pageant princess's birthday. she specified the flavor, shades of purple and lots of bling, any ideas would be welcome. Thanks Val
  it wasn't perfect but the little girl was thrilled so that's all that matters, thanks so much for your help!!
What I'm doing and hoping mine comes out half as well!!
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