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I purchased the cakeSafe box last week and I love it! I had to change my thinking about it when it came to the expense. Atlanta traffic on the weekends has gotten worse and worse especially with road construction tossed in. I can't afford to ruin a brides wedding day. I decided when I take a deposit I will put the money up for a CakeSafe. I purchased a sheeter a couple of years back and I don't know how I lived without it, I feel the same way about the CakeSafe. My...
I found one of my cakes on her site!!!
Thank you so much Gingerla for the ordering the edges and getting them to me so fast!!! SECOND!! Thanks for coming all the way to GA and showing me how to use them on my square cakes!! I thought I was really doing something using them on the rounds ones.The side smoothing tool works great also!!!Meeka
Cakeartdiva,Don't cancel your membership, I'm sorry for any hurt caused to you. Typing doesn't convey feelings the way words and facial expressions do.. Cake central is a wonderful board and would be terrible if you didn't share in it. Please forgive me if I hurt you in anyway. We can't wait to see your art work!!!
Maria, Who did you hear the show was cancelled from? It's still being listed on TLC's website...We did a second taping for the show on Tuesday morning, and just to be sure I checked with the coordinator and the camera crew that it is the show, TLC's A Wedding Story... which they confirmed it is, and the wedding will air in December. Are you cakeartdiva also? she became a member a little after this post went up... if you are you need read Dawn's message $5.00
I will book 3 wedding cakes for a weekend at the most! but I won't except any other cake orders for that week, and the reception times have to be about 3 hours apart.
RICE KRIPPIES TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a great ideas!!!!! Because of the Torents I HATE MAKING CASTLE CAKES!!!
Hi, When I made the torrents on the castle cake I used the inside of the foil wrap because they are strudier. Then I cover them in fondant add the waffle cone tops and icing with buttercream. It usually holds, I make at least 2 castles month.
Marshmallow fondant. There is an article on how to make it on this site.
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