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Thank you All! - I'm stopping by Walmart tonight!
I'm looking for 12 x 12 x 8 or 10" tall cake boxes, my decorations tend to be taller than the norm 6" box, so I prop the lid in the open position.   Does anyone have suggestions about where to get that size?     Thank you!
Thank you - I have another one to do tonight...Brand New Knife in hand. I will try the suggestions...and get a PME Wheel cutter..goodie one more toy to accumulate! Cindy
I did a two layer fondant, so I could cut out of windows and have white under the red. Using an Exacto Knive, it leaves rough edges, I tried to smooth them, very difficult while on a cake. I know I've seen nice cuts "Post-Cake" application. PIzza cutter wouldn't work in such a tiny application...Thank you!Cindy
One of my friends daughters is having the Doctor peak for the sex and then NOT tell them - Seal it in an envelope, so only I get to open! - I then get to make a cake and fill with either Pink or Blue filling - Everyone will know at the same time if they are having a boy or girl! TOO FUN!!!
I know Purple Fondant turns Blue, Pink Fades - My Brown/Tan seems to have Darkened? - Is there a guideline to what colors do what? Is there any sort of a seal that helps - like Corn Syrup/Water mix type thing? Brand new at this, have learned so much from this board!Thank you!
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