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I think her idea about ganache was probably something like that.   I would get her a really expensive one in this case. Probably deeply tanned one that is more difficult to find (maybe not, we were in summer).  
First time client:   'I don't know what ganache is but I want a dark chocolate one in my cake. I want a hazelnut cake with mascarpone and coconut filling and that ganache.   I think it's a great combination, don't you?'     Yep.. Excellent. 
This is a funny thread .   Things NOT to ask a baker? Definitely not: 'Was it baked (in the oven)?'   Young girl comes to pick up her purse and make-up cake. Looking suspiciously at the cake asks 'Was it baked?'   Me: 'What exactly? .....The cake? Of course.' .......(I usually bake all my cakes - unless you wanted your purse full of liquid s#@t but you didn't specify that in your order. But you are right, it would make the MOISTEST cake ever but at the same...
Thank you a lot Jason, I knew you'd chime in .   I've contacted their web hosting provider, let's see what will happen.   Thanks again!
Thanks Dani1081 for your reply!   I use (domain and webhosting). I'll start asking there, no idea how all this works though.   It's just sad to have spent days having my website done last year and then find some people just copying freely the contents without making any effort to create their own site.
Hello, in particular to all computer savvy members!   Today I've discovered a website almost identical to mine (not the photos, just text) - copied almost word by word (even my personal considerations and opinions ), sometimes changing just a word or two in a phrase, sometimes copying them completely. Even the serving chart I've created specifically to accomodate the most requested serving size here (nearest is the Earlene's serving chart) was copied completely,...
Add yellow.
The secret way is: searching with Google. Try 'cupcake liners cakecentral'. I've never had any luck searching in this forum.
Well, I don't know about 'any little girl' but my 7-yrs old twin girls wouldn't touch that thing with a barge pole, it's so unappealing to them (showed them the photo only, so can't say anything about the taste). But they are particular, because they are growing (partly) in a cake decorating world, we often discuss baking, cake decorating, ideas, designs, colors, sometimes show them photos and they comment on them. One of them even noticed the bulge between the layers......
Definitely better outcome than expected
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