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i am making 24 cupcakes with whipped icing and lettering, how much shoiuld i charge
hI, I have been googling a few ideas on tanker lorry cakes, but cant seem to get advice on how to do it, it seems simple enough, but I am just not sure what cake tins I should use. I know I need to make the base, then for the tanker and for the cabin? How do I manage to get that round look for the tanker?
Hi, I would like advice on butter cream I make mine with icing sugar butter and milk, I always find I have to use loads of icing sugar, and I am making a tanker lorry cake and I am wondering if I should use regallice icing or the butter cream. how does eveyrone else make their butter cream? like the utube video I have seen for Betty Crocker....
hi does food colouring work the same way with sponge as for butter cream?I want to make a sponge cake and I want the sponge to be red, do I just add some colouring when I make the cake mix?
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