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Ok so I have always made my own fondant. If I'm going to make cakes I'm going to learn how to make all the stuff involved! I've been doing this for about 6 months and still can't make my fondant like I want it. I took a wilton class and the teacher said she will not make her own fondant so that was no help. I have made MFF and some times it worked and some times not. Then I switched to MMF and tonight batch was flaking as I was adding PS to it. I know I didn't add to much...
Oooh! I didn't think of the vodka good Idea!
Yes that does!! Thank you guys will definitely try these suggestions next time!
Wan't humid, cake was taken out of the refridgerater, maybe an hour inbetween taking it out and spraying it! I used americolor paint! It was a little thick (Covered entire cake) but i still would think after 4 days it would be dry!
So I airbrushed a cake this weekend and it sat for 3 or 4 days and it was STILL wet!! WTH I aribrushed it on a mmf covered cake! This is the 3rd cake Ive airbrushed and it always stays wet! Am I doing something wrong??
Yes it's purple in real life and very blue in photos! So strange!
Ok so I just spray VIOLET americolor spray paint onto my marshmallow fondant covered cake and as when you take a picture (two different cameras AND camera phones) it is NAVY BLUE. WTH! No idea what is going on! The cake is VERY purple and as soon as the camera is placed infront of the cake not taking a picture yet just looking at the screen on the camera its already BLUE! I am mystified!
OK so I'm so confused! Do you need to refridgerate buttercream that has real butter in it and heavy cream? What about peanut butter filling with peanut butter, butter, sugar and heavy cream? I'm new to all this and hate refridgerating cake especially when I cover them in fondant! But I also worry about making family and friends sick with my cakes!!
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