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any other tips, need to bust this out early next week...! thanks!
yes, it's all the same color, just the band is going to be sparkly(i hope)
yes, i'm prepared to use whatever i need to, just need them to stick. I thought i'd use my gum glue but last time it got goopy and messy, maybe i used too much?
I'm working on a cake that i need to airbrush a section to make it all one sparkly sheen color. However, i also have a band in the middle of the tier that i want to adhere crystals too in a pattern. My question is this - the last time i airbrushed, i had a hard time adhering anything once the airbrush color dried. Do i have any working time before it dries, or should i use some special method to attach the crystals? Maybe i waited too long the first time (a day)? ...
i bought this yesterday and still tooling around in it. Is there a manual or a help page? I really can't figure out how to say add my recipe so that when i price a cake, click on white chocolate, it's there with a dollar amount. Do i just set a price or add all the ingredients somewhere?
i had to make 5 doz cupcakes yesterday and didn't realize the 15 oz mistake until they all sunk. I redid them all the second time using my scale and adding the 1.75 oz of cake mix from an extra box of mix. Second batch perfect. Lesson learned.
Thanks for the info. i need to peruse the law some more. It does say list by weight, i do remember that much... my labels are going to require some very fine print...
Hey, first off, very excited that the Cottage Food Law passe din SC and i'm good to go. Reviewing and learning and all that. One requirement is labeling of ingredients in order of weight. My question is - one or two of my best recipes have a base of cake mix with added ingredients to that. How do i put that in the ingredient label? do i put "1 Duncan Hines White Cake Mix"? any input welcome. Thanks.Sarah
Thanks- Bilo to the rescue for $8 a sheet, which is a lot better investment. Had no idea they'd print for me. What a relief!Well it appears that maybe the vendor went out of business, no idea, but will have to appeal to PayPal for a refund!
Where can i buy an edible printer and ink immediately? I ordered from an online cake supply store two edible images for a cake this coming weekend. I ordered and paid for them on the 18th knowing i'd be out of town over the holiday and wanted them waiting here on my arrival home. Needless to say, they are not here and the vendor is not answering my emails and multiple calls. Best case at this point is she contacts me asap and overnights it tomorrow to be here Thursday,...
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