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Thanks for your reply. I'm not from the US so I don't even recognize those names. I was hoping that someone had a recipe I could use. If not I'll just keep trying some of my own concoctions. Any other help greatly appreciated!!
Ok, this may hit a sore spot with some of you out there, but I have a genuine problem. The buttercream recipes that I've found all seem to be too sweet for my liking and that of my clients. I have tried a few different versions and also upping the salt to cut the sweetness. I have had icing from some grocery stores and it doesn't seem as sweet, more like a whipping cream taste. I don't think it is really whipped cream because it sits are room temp and doesn't act like it...
That's the same method I use, heating the cream first, less chance of messing up and seizing the chocolate. Give it a try, even with the chips if that's all you have.
I think some people don't really understand the work that goes into one of our cakes. If we went to a tailor and asked for a stunning satin gown with tons of intricate details for $50.00 people would think we were mad. Why is it that people think it's ok to insult us by wanting our time and talents for free? They definitely wouldn't work for free, why should we? Great reply. That's my motto as of late, you want a cake for that price, you are definitely not my customer and...
Finished the cake, now in my profile pictures if you are curious. Thanks again. I think the "ribbon roses" turned out quite well. My only regret is that I didn't have enough time to set it up and didn't use enough flowers. Wish I had used a few more to fill in open spaces. Anyway, thanks again for all the help.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I think #1 is the winner. It is actually made the same way that ribbon roses are, just a single strip instead of doubled over. I was just experimenting, sorry for attaching an incorrect name to them. My family also chose #1. Now just the task of making about 50 of them for my cake. Thanks again! You guys are great
Hi Everyone, I'm making a cake for this weekend. I was inspired by apieceofcake-dolores Fall wedding cake to try some ribbon roses. I have three versions and I'm looking for some opinions on which one is the best. Can you give me your opinion? Thanks!!! Oh, you can find the picture in my file of cakes. I know it won't allow us to paste links here.
I was experimenting with a Boston cream cupcake a few weeks ago and had trouble getting the chocolate ganache the right sweetness. The combo I cam up with that worked was 1 tbsp of semi-sweet ganache and 2-21/2 tbsp milk choco ganache. It may be a little more work to make a second batch of milk chocolate but it will help balance out the semi sweet. I didn't like the milk chocolate ganache alone because it didn't have a distinct taste. If you aren't pressed for time you can...
Hey Rae, thanks for the link for the cream cheese recipes. I've been wanting to try some for a less-sweet version. I'm excited to try them, especially the honey sweetened one.
Thanks, I do use a crusting buttercream. I'll check out the video.
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