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Does anyone know if this gold finish can be achieved with a luster dust/vodka mix? Or do I need to order some kind of product containing real gold?I found a product on Amazon called "Old Gold" luster dust. Is anyone familiar with this color?Any help is appreciated
I have no problem with fondant and tapits. They work great with Wilton fondant so you might want to try that. I also brush the tapit with cornstarch. Hope it helps!
Thanks kazita! I don't have hr shortening around here but I'll give it a try with all butter. Sounds yummy
Thanks for sharing! Would you be willing to share your buttercream recipe?
Hey Kendra, I know Cake Carousel has Satin Ice. Not sure about the rest.
I like the zebra cake idea. Since its just a sheet cake you could make it a little more interesting by making the batter look zebra also (alternating white and chocolate batter). I think that looks so cool
Hi Shiregirl. Well, to be honest the cake you have posted is not simple at all lol. Based on the decor you have already purchased, this is the plan of attack I would take:1) Make a 9" round cake (not a multi-tiered cake). You can use the WASC recipe you posted. I googled "blueberry wasc recipe" and read some suggestions to use blueberry yogurt to replace the sour cream and blueberry juice to replace the water. For the icing, you can use a simple buttercream (google...
I'm doing a lace cake for a friend using a combination of a rose mold, leaf cutter, and piped buttercream. I did a practice cake tonight and it turned out beautiful and was not all that difficult. Here is the cake by NadaG I'm using for inspiration.
I would do something more personal to him like a hobby or just a general birthday theme. I would stay away from thr bible verse, Easter theme, etc. Being a priest of course is his vocation but we have to remember priests are just people too and celebrate their birthdays just like the rest of us I wouldn't want a birthday cake with a bunch of debits and credits on it (I'm an accountant haha!).
I use a bubble tea straw for my center dowel on smaller cakes. This is what I would do for a two tier cake: I place bottom tier on board, then stick a whole bubble tea straw in the middle of the cake. Then I put in my support straws that will hold up the stacked tier (cut to height of bottom cake). For the top tier, I cut a hole in the middle of the board that the bubble tea straw fits tightly through. Then I "impale" my top tier onto the bubble tea that is now my center...
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