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I don't know what flavor you're looking for, but my favorite cake is the recipe on the Hershey's cocoa can.
I guess I don't know what marking the fondant means.  Do you think you could ganache and fondant on Thursday?    Those things is probably fine to ganache on Wednesday; I am probably overly concerned with the cake staying fresh.  I have seen others with this sort of timeline.  Maybe someone else can give some advice.
How much detail is there to add after you put on the fondant?  If there is not a lot, I would think ganache on Thursday and fondant/finish on Friday. 
Thanks for the reply! I understand what you mean re adjusting the size for different tiers.  I'm attaching the look I'm trying to achieve (from, which is just a chevron pattern on one tier.  I'm really suprised there's not a roller/cutter out there for this, but I've searched high and low and thought maybe someone on CC had run across one.         Good tip with the blades.  I never get a clean cut with an exacto knife.
Do any of you know if there is such a thing as a chevron or zig-zag fondant ribbon cutter?  Something like this but that would cut a chevron pattern.   Sure would make a chevron cake much easier!
I would go with the 6-8-10 proportions, doubling the heigh of the middle tier (8" tall), only because I prefer a smaller top tier. I think the picture is a 6-8-10, possibly 6-8-12, with a double height middle tier. Good luck!
You can buy chocolate rock candies. I find them in the bulk section at my grocery store. They are really yummy
I use my large rimless cookie sheets to move around these larger layers. Much easier than trying to pick up with my hands. I have torted a 16" round with no problem and was able to slide the cookie sheet where I had sliced to torte. Hope it helps.
What about something like this...making the pearls (fondant balls) in her colors? The fondant balls can take a while, but I do them sometimes just while sitting in front of the tv. Let them dry a little then roll in pearl dust. could add the bigger flower(s) but if you don't have time, I think it would be really cute to have just those little ones with the pearl center. Those would be easy.
Thanks all! I have not had success with the vodka/luster dust mix, but it was Wilton and maybe I didn't have the consistency right. It was a grainy streaky mess. I think I'll give the Duff airbrush color a try. If that doesn't work I'll work more on my luster dust mix. Thanks all
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