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i used squires modeling paste for the frame which always sets really hard for me so im not sure what happened! i dusted a little icing sugar over the cutters first, next time i'll use some white fat thank you
ive just tried using the deck chair cutter and it was a complete and utter diaster! couldnt get the paste out of the cutters, when i did eventually manage to cut the frame out i left it to dry for a few days, just went to put it all together and it all collasped not enough time to make another for the cake now as its for tomorrow but has anyone got any advice how to use it?!
thanks alot for your suggestions! i will definitely look into it!
Ive had a request for a diabetic cake which ive never done beforei dont think the actual cake will be a problem as ive found several recipes, but i dont know how im going to decorate? i usually use a buttercream crumb coat then fondant and im completely stuck on alternatives! any suggestions i would really appreciate!
Hi there!Does anyone know where i can get a heart patterned embossing/impression/texture mat online? Ive been sat here for hoooours but no luck! I have time for it to be shipped so its not an issue where it is from, i just need to find one! Thank You!
wow that is really useful thank you!
Thank you! Think im going to go for a 10 and 6 inch
Im making a children's birthday cake for a 3 year olds party on Saturday (last minute as always) and i need to make the cake serve 50 people!! The age range is going to be from under 1 to 8 so the portion sizes are going to vary and im planning on making a 2 tier round cake, its my first big party cake so im just so unsure! What would other people do for a party of this size?
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