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Thank you so much, Kate - you«re not only very talented, but also very generous Loved the video!!
Definetly recommend Jacqueline Butler´s online Craftsy class!The class in itself is very complete (techniques, tools, GP and RI recipes, printable material, supply links, etc, etc) and you have the possibility to ask her questions ... she always answers right away with her fullest knowledge.Totally worth it, in my opinion
I think that's a really great idea!!!
thanks for posting this!! I found it very helpful
WOW!! thank you for this great link!!
Wow, super, Floralilie!!Thanks for the pics
Floralilie, thank you so much for the "how-to"!your flowers are beautiful! and the tutorials on your website are also fantastic - thank you!!would it be possible, to see a picture of the cutter you used for making the ranunculus?that would be great!!
could somebody please tell me, what I could use instead of cool whip? I can't get cool whip here in south america - do I just replace it with normal whipped cream?? and if so, here's my question (quite dumb, I guess!!): the recipe calls for 2 cups cool whip, that would be 2 cups whipped cream, or 2 cups cream without whipping?!thank you
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