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Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it.RegardsMary
Because I am relatively a novice cake maker maybe someone could answer what is probably a silly question but I would really appreicate some help. I have to color white sugar paste black and I use icing sugar to stop it sticking when I roll it out but the white sugar is turning the black paste grey what can I do? Thank you.RegardsMary
No sure if anyone can help me but I thought I would post anyway. I have been asked by a friend to make a cake with a hunting scene on top. I have searched the internet for a figure of a hunter with a gun but have had no luck. The only one on ebay is in the US which is no good to me as I live in Ireland and need the figure soon the cake is for Oct 1st. Just wondered if anyone knows of a store in the UK which could help. Thanks
Thank you so much for your help.
How much ganache would I need to cover a 12 inch cake? Thanks
I have psoted this questiion on the cake decorating forum but think that maybe it was the wrong place to post. I want to know how to attach a cake brooch and satin ribbon to a fondant covered cake? I w3ould really appreciate any help. Thank you so much.
Thanks everyone for the replies. It's always great to learn what other people do. For this cake I will be using a satin ribbon and I was wondering if anyone else had used a brooch with a satin ribbon on a fondant covered cake.Thanks
HiI just wondered if anyone uses brooches to decorate wedding cakes? I have not used any before but have a request for one. Probably a silly question but do you attach it to the ribbon and then put the ribbon on the cake or do you attach the ribbon and stick the brooch into the cake. Any advice would be really appreciated and gratefully received.Thanks and regards
Thank you so much
Would any one living in the UK know the cheapest place to get cake boxes, I mean 12 inch and 14 inch boxes. I live in Ireland so have to have them posted over so mail order companies would be best for me. Any information would be appreciated.Thanks
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