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Ok, that's pretty much what I did....whipped in the butter, and then added the peanut butter (with the whip attachment).  So maybe try with the paddle instead of the whip? Thank you -
I have tried all sorts of different ratios of peanut butter in SMBC but no matter what, it renders it so soft!!  The latest I did was 8 oz egg whites, 12 oz sugar, 10 oz butter, 6 oz peanut butter - and STILL too soft. Anyone make one that works?
Sounds like too much marshmallow/gelatin.  Add sifted powdered sugar, you may need to add a bit more vegetable shortening after.
Making a cigarette boat.  The paint job is pretty cool I think.  Would love some thoughts on how to go about it; hand paint it with gel/vodka?  Marble the fondant? Cover in turquoise and add super thin strips of violet and darker blue?   Thanks!    
Has anyone joined their vendor program? I am being offered a  $49/month preferred vendor for a pretty busy store.  Was hoping to find someone who has tried it...
I have a bride that wants a 6 or 7 tier cake - all tiers finished in SMBC. However, only the top 4 tiers are real and then the bottom 2 or 3 are display (but covered in SMBC as well). I feel that the display cakes will be a pain to cover in SMBC but how else will they match if done with shortening or other BC, not just because of color but sheen/texture. Suggestions? Also, ideas on pricing said dummies? Decor is minimal and I am charging $4/ serving for the top 4...
I like the writing on these cookies but not sure if they are printing on edible paper, then cutting out a little rectangle and placing on the icing?  Can't see any paper so not sure....
THank you - I will. What about a really good home-made recipe without vanilla; one that behaves like a commercial brand...anyone have such a recipe willing to share?
yes, pretty uncommon to be allergic to vanilla but she breaks out in mean hives... Thank you any how, will keep looking.
I have client who is allergic to vanilla.  She wants rolled fondant on her cake and I prefer to use a commercial brand rather than make my own as it never comes out as nice as the commercial ones.   Typically I use Satin Ice.  Anyone know of  a brand that does NOT have any vanilla in it?
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