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CK Pealized Sugar Crystals - has anyone used these?  I need to make this cake and I will be covering it with swiss meringue buttercream.  Do these sugar crystals last on this butter cream?  Are they more durable than sanding sugar?  Can I cover the cake with the SMBC and theses and then place in refrigerator overnight?   Thank you!
You could be right! What are these?
On the top tier, what are these?     They aren't dragees..  Also, the bottom lace looks like real lace, anyone agree? What are the best places to find jewel pieces like the one on the bottom tier?   Thank you!!
I am making some tiers like this for a cake.  Cake will be covered in fondant.   Which is better - corn syrup or thinned piping - to paint on cake and then adhere the sanding sugar?   Once the sugar is on the fondant cake, has anyone successfully refrigerated the cake overnight?   I refrigerate my fondant cakes in boxes all the time, no issues - but not sure how the sanding sugar will hold up.
Thank you SO much!
Any advice on inserting real flowers into cake for a cascading effect as in this picture?  What do I need to tell the florist or request from him/her?  Food safety?  Is floral tape safe to wrap around floral picks and then insert into cake?  I heard some folks wrap the floral pick in masking tape or regular gift wrapping tape...but I'm thinking this is not food safe.   How DO you find out if a product is toxic or food safe anyway???  
Can anyone tell me if there are any pros and/or cons to having an EIN # aside from not paying sales tax?  Do you pay the sales tax later?  How does it work?
Thank you!
Making a sculpted cake covered in fondant which calls for several edible images.  Has anyone refrigerated these before?  I also posted the refrigerating brushed embroidery question. I place my fondant cakes in Styrofoam boxes and in the fridge with no issues.  Keeps the cakes really firm and easy to work on the following day.   But have not tried with edible images.  Anyone??
Has anyone done brushed embroidery on fondant cake and refrigerated overnight? If so, what results did you get?   I refrigerate my fondant cakes in a box and have not had any issues, but need to do a good amount of BE on some coming up and paint on it.  So hoping to do the night before and paint the day of....
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