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As the title says, the temperature on my stove refuses to go past 220.. And i dont understand why. I am using the right size pot, and my thermometer seems to be fine, so i dont understand why i can get the syrup to get past the thread stage.. help?
Hey all. now, im not really a fan of boxed stuff, but i gigured i would try it again after all these years.basically, lemon box cake, lemon pudding mix, instead of water put soda, the oil, 3 eggs..baked it for 35 minutes (its a 9 x 13), and after it cooled completely to my surprise it was way too moist! Not in the under baked way, the outside was definitely golden and the knife came out clean, but when i poked it, it made a squishy noise. every where i poked it with my...
Hey all. I was wondering if anyone had a tested eggnog recipe that they could give me?
I made a red velvet cheesecake brownie the other day when i posted it. definitely has the rv taste. not bitter from the color and not tooo chocolaty. but i wonder if perhaps the cheesecake part on top interfered with the brownie portion, because even though baked it until a few parts of the cream cheese cracked, when i took it out of the oven after it all cooled the brownie was much more than moist. parts of it were nicely baked. not crunchy, but slightly fluffy. however...
I just made brownies for the first time, and i dont know if i did well or not because i never really ate many brownies growing up. Im much more accustomed to cupcakes.So what do you prefer? Cakey brownies? Chewy brownies?
Hey all, ive never made blondies before, so im not quite sure how it will work. the recipe calls for •  2 ⅔ cups raspberries. i happen to have frozen raspberries, but im concerned about the juice that wil come with defrosting. im actually not even sure if i should defrost it? What do you think, CC?*Im using frozen because i get twice the amount for the same price as fresh.
Has anyone else made it yet? Opinions?I think im going to look for a different frosting.. im not too much of a fan when it comes to glaze on cupcakes..Also wondering if anyones scaled it down at all.. 34 seems like too much for one recipe. i prefer them to make either 12 or 24.
Hey all! Im tired of spending the extra dime for cookie cutters, and am going to try and make my own. Thing is, im not sure if the images im printing out to do so are to big. I have no prior knowledge in cookie size aside from drop/scoop cookies.Help?
Ah.. Yeah the container was air are the recipes, though i typically do noy add the cream, as it just makes my icings too liquidy.Fluffy vanilla Frosting 2 tablespoons heavy cream1 teaspoon vanilla extract½ lb unsalted butter, at room temperature2 1/2 cups confectioners' sugarTo make the frosting: Stir the heavy cream, vanilla extract and salt together in a small bowl. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter on...
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