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I would roll out a thin rope of black fondant or cut long thin strips and place between the fondant where needed. I've actually done the "puzzle" technique & it is highly effective. I printed a picture of the image (a few actually) and cut out all the shapes: eyes, nose, mouth etc. then placed them over the colored fondant and traced them out with an exacto blade. Easier than free-hand, in my opinion. Good luck. : )
I would pipe them onto the cake with buttercream. Tedious, but can come out really nice if done correctly. Or what about sugar dragees. Probably even more tedious though..
Sorry, I should have specified that MeghFarr is on Cake Central. I came across her cake today browsing the recent uploads.
MeghFarr has an awesome birch bark 3 tier cake. Perhaps she can offer you some help.. 
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