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My cousin want Twilight cupcakes for her birthday and i don't know what i should do on top of the cupcakes! Please Help me as quickly as possible!~Teabag22~
Hi,What kind of cake does your daughter like, pick your flavour combo on what your daughter likes!
Thanks for the ideas! I decided to use the whoopie pie idea, everyone at the party loved them! -Teabag22P.S. Special thanks to rhondab
Oh my godness, my chocolate chunk cookies are turning into chocolate chunk cakes!! They are turning into mini cakes. Is there anyway, i can't save this batch of 12 cookies!! (I have to make 50 cookies for a party!)
i've been trying and trying and trying but i keep making mistakes.... I just need some advice so i can finally make a cake for my cousin's 14th Birthday!!
i need an easy to pipe icing that doesn't take a lot of time....
this is no problem i just made a cake and i totally overflowed!! But, i just leveled it down and trimmed around it....
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