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If it goes wrong (which it probaby will, through no fault of yours, the client just sounds difficult) then they will bad mouth you more than they would if you just passed up this order.The customer cant make you look bad if you dont take the order, but they can claim that you promised to deliver the exact cake they're wanting, and no one will know you advised her against the design. When she doesnt get her exact wishes, she'll bad mouth you that you underdelivered.Out of...
Almost looks like their was oil in there and it separated, but truly I have no idea what that could be from!? looks gross haha
Makes it more moist
Cupcake WarsCake BossThose are about it lol
This is my fav!!! mouth is watering just thinking about it
I used this recipe and it was ok, not great, but ok (no milk in it, coconut cream instead)
I agree with whats been said already.Chin up, I'm sure it was a great cake! Some people will try their luck saying they tossed it (so no evidence) when they actually ate it all.You could phone the venue and ask if it was all served if you suspect they might be lying?
Everyone has suggested raising your prices, but you havent commented on this.What are your thoughts on raising your prices?
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