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Does the baking time change if you halve the recipe?
Thats awesome! I think I'd love to try this one day, thanks for the thread!
Ooh I want to try make that youtube recipe!Good tip!
Not necessarily. Could be she meant to phone/email and never got around to it, and when she was wanting to order another cake, she a) was making the call anyway and b) didnt want to have the same issue as last time with it not being sweet enough.
Thanks thats super helpful! I worked it out last night at the shop and its not actually cheaper lol but I was pricing it against the cheapest salted butter I could find, so it would be cheaper if I needed to make unsalted butter vs buying it.Of course, if it tastes better than storebought, thats reason enough for me, regardless of savings
Thanks for the replies everyone I cant wait to try it!Our butter prices are quite high here in SA, so cream would prob work out cheaper for 2l vs one brick of butter (500g).I'm happy to hear it tastes nicer than storebought butter. Does anyone have a butter crock/
I found a few youtube videos of people making their own butter in a blender or food processor. Anyone here tried it?
Uh, I understood it to mean that by the end, you couldnt tell the dif between Buddy himself baking his recipe and the chainstore guys baking it (same recipe, same number of turns on the mixing machine, same ingredient quality, etc.)Not that the chain store used box mix?And quite frankly, diverting some of the sales for ye olde average CakeBoss cake to some chain stores isnt a bad idea. Leaves them to focus on the more custom cakes that he offers.
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