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I was going to also say, it says right there"black swirl wedding cake3 tiere fondant cake, with hand painted black swirls, black fondant ribbon and a single red rose."LOL
Dont you have to change cooking times if baking in glassware?
Dont they bring their own pans?
Oddly enough, I find if I store it in an airtight container, they go soft quickly, but if I store it in individual bags (like the ones in my album) they stay fresh longer?
If you can get a better pic, you can try this site: tried it with your pic and its too small and close together to work properly.
Traditional wedding ckae is fruitcake.
That roses one, including the comment before the pic just cracked me up!
I noticed the OP said the oven rack was the top 3rd of the this not too high? I though chiffons were on the bottom 3rd and normal cakes in the middle? That being said, I've never made a chiffon cake lolCondolances on your loss
That poor horse is begging for the flogging to stop le sigh.
Bacon is very rich, so some stomachs cant handle it.Cheese is also very bad for dogs. I'd leave it out of my biscuits. The dog isnt going to miss it.
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