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  wow that pdf is awesome! thanks!
I cant answer cos I dont understand the question. Perhaps a "depend" cake (?) is a USA thing?
This might help
Perhaps offer a tasting day once a month where people can come along and taste mini cupcakes?
I dont have shortening in South Africa, so I use margerine when its required. I trawled YouTube for homemade fondant and found many useful vids. I watched about 20 before trying it myself and I was successful, perhaps you might want to do the same?
Try CyberLink PowerDirector 10
Arguing with Jason becomes tedious for some people because Jason always replies with a calm, collected, factual answer, which some people cannot argue with. So they stop, signing off with "oh I cant argue anymore, its too tedious".Lol! Jason, I dont know why you're being so attacked, your posts have always been chock-full of decent advice when I've read them.But I guess, the statement truly fits here.Offence is never given, only taken.PS: Danielle_loves_cake, you say...
Just make sure its not completely non-sticky when you wrap it up to let it settle cos when you work with it again, it'll be even more dry.
Hope you're going to make more I commented on the video and I subscribed
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