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Is it just me or does it look like its been placed on the front seat (or a car seat) which slopes?
How about a cannoli filling? :)
I've made this cake many, many times and its always moist and fail free! And there is a link for cupcakes version in the recipe page :)   Enjoy!
Yup, the All American Buttercream recipe on this site crusts. Moreso if you put it in the fridge :)
Awesome thanks :) I was thinking of making my own ricotta (things like that are expensive to buy here in SA so I'd sooner make my own, would be cheaper).   We had red velvet cake yesterday at work and it was paired up with a merangue topping and filling and it was too sweet for my liking!   I think I'll give the cannoli filling a try :) thanks!   PS: Thanks for the tip on the draining!
Red velvet cake with cannoli filling dusted with PS (vs making more cream cheese/buttercream)?   Does this sound yum or yuck? lol   Sorry if this isnt the right section to post this in, but if anyone has any canolli recipes for the filling that would be helfpul :)
  +1   (and no one should bother with IE anymore! FireFox is the way to go! :P)
  Ahh thanks! :)
I'd love to know too :P
A minor thing, but I prefer the post width to be shorter like it it with the ads at the top. When it expands out after the ads, its too long and I read the forums at work so only have the web browser open over half my screen so I keep having to scroll left and right to read posts, which means I cant multitask well cos reading the forums now takes all my activity (if that makes sense)
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