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Who uses the bottles like these for decorating cookies? What are your thoughts vs using a piping bag? I always get so frustrated with piping bags as they end up messing everywhere (even using the clingwrap sausage thing method) but I dont want to buy a set of these if people dont think they're useful (money is tight and these are expensive here in SA so I need to buy wisely). Help! :) (also, if you used to use them, why'd you change?)  
Thanks guys!!
Thanks BatterUpCake :) I prefer making scratch cakes vs doctored boxed cake, but will keep that recipe as a backup :)   Thanks psgodusa :)   Anyone got any tips on stacking a ganache cake?
Do you have a link for the recipe? :D
Hi everyone :)   So I'm making a couple 2 tier birthday cakes soon! One for my friend's 30th and one for my own 30 two months later :)   What I'm planning for my friend's one, who's birthday thing is happening on the 22nd:   Thurs 20: bake, stack and crumb coat, rest overnight Fri 21: decorate Sat 22: serve (or buy a cake to fix Fri night's failure if there was one lol)   I was thinking of a white/vanilla pound cake for the bottom tier, but I have no...
If you make it ahead of time, you can refrigerate and then just whip it up/beat it when you take it out and before you use it if its not on the cake yet of course. You might need to add a spritz or two of water from a spray bottle to get it back to piping consistancy and put plastic wrap against the top of the icing to avoid a crust forming (cos you cant beat that into the rest of it).   If I misunderstood the question, then the above post applies lol
Looks lovely :) Thanks for sharing a pic!
What about a graduation cap with Marine colours?
Hi they're fondant pleats
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