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Thanks! This is most useful You guys are awesome!
Yes I have a scale We use the metric system in SA (ie cups, grams, kilograms, not ounces or pounds). So basically its just finding out the weight equivilent of something and remembering that when weighing it? Hmm, isnt it time consuming to convert all your recipes and/or remember the equivilents?But seems like I already do the conversion thing so perhaps I'm on the right track Thanks! (PS any more info is always appreciated)
Hi guysI've been reading the forums and I see a lot references to the pros of baking by weight instead of measuring cups etc.I have done a google search as well a search on the forums, but both come up with confusing results, so I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere before.Can someone explain how to measure by weight, and does it apply to liquids as well or just dry ingredients?I've heard of some complicated maths equation, but thats not something I want to get...
Not true. Its quick to update clients/fans right to their fb page which, lets be honest, most people check every day, or even more likely, multiple times a day.How often are people going to view your website for updates unless they're needing something. Even if they dont need anything, seeing updates on their FB keeps you top of mind, and is good for marketing.
I am a photographer, and I must add that it depends on the contract. Sometimes the bride owns the rights to the images, other times (most) the photographer owns rights, but may not release photos without bride's permission.
(duplicate post)
I didnt read all the replies, but what our show people do here is have a clipboard with terms & conditions on each page, stipulating the Special (ie you would have the part about forgoing the tasting for the discount), and then the clients sign their name if they're interested.Then, after the show, you email each client with the full terms and conditions and official Voucher for them to use.Would that help?
I've also heard to rub the (real, not the fake) ribbon down with shortening before applying, so the colour doesnt bleed into the fondant Hope that helps!
Sorry didnt get through reading all the posts before typing this, so not sure if someone else already answered it, but it was a cake in celebration of her divorce
Lol yes, the dots were a little generic, but with so much going on, I didnt want to get too fancy Next up, a cake that looks like cheese with rats on it!
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