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Thanks guys :)
  I agree! This cake is nice and girly, and you can stick some butterflies on wires on the cake and it would still suit your theme and look right (just adjust accordingly for the height of your cake)   ETA: your cake looks lovely :)
On the 2nd fondant tier, what thickness board is required?   I usually make my own drum from two heavy duty cardboard cutouts (with the corregation layered in cross directions if that makes sense) and cover in foil.   Would one layer of cardboard work? What about a cereal box cardboard cut out? Too thin? I'm not sure what decoration to have around the base of each layer yet. Might use a ribbon to hide the thick board or I might even do a topsy turvy via this...
Its my go-to chocolate cake recipe and all the times I've made it, its been perfect and super easy to make!
  No I generally use 12-15sec icing for everything, but I think our bags here are just sub par and they're small (the large ones are super expensive) so I can only do little bits at a time lol which just makes things a pain.   I might see if I can buy one bottle and give it a try cos the reviews sound decent enough to give it a go :) Thanks!
I find my wacky cake recipe is super moist!   I'm in South Africa so you should have all the ingredients, enjoy! :)
Check out this blog, she uses average cutters in the most innovative ways!   She really is amazing :) And she will help you make use of any and every cutter you buy.   Fwiw, I bought the 101 set and its been most helpful and best value for money, and since then I've expanded with some specific shapes (like stars in a set with different sizes to make a Christmas Tree with).
Basically whatever you're applying the fondant to needs to be damp/sticky :)
Awesome! Thanks for your feedback.   Do you think they will work with the tips I already own from piping bags perhaps?   Anyone else have any thoughts?
What was your MMF recipe?
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