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  They still mentioned her real name, so at least people who had seen the article would know it was her. And woe be any other person in the cake business with the unfortunate coincidence of having the same name haha
Want the most amazing (and easy) brownie recipe?   Seriously, only 8 ingredients (7 if you dont like nuts) and super easy and flop-proof! Its my go-to recipe!
My wedding cake was this one!     Made from CHEESE :D       And our cake topper:  
1. Pumpkin Pie 2. Pumpkin Pie 3. Pumpkin Pie   :D
I use this one :)
  Best tip I've read on CC in ages!! THANKS!! :D
Yay! And I bet it was easy to make as well! :D  
You can try making them and then covering them in modge podge which will hold up any threads that will escape and seal them in :)   Worth a try :)   Problem: The edges fray. Solution: Occasionally frayed edges add to the character of a project, but maybe a clean edge is more your style. A seam sealant or fray check can help. Coat 1 or 2 inches of the burlap edge in the...
I think thats in the comments but I used two 8" pans and I'm not 100% sure about the carving, depends on how indepth you wanted to go with the carving :)
@soldiernurse: I just downloaded it from the dropbox link provided on this thread, as I dont have access to FB at work and it worked fine.
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