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 Why? Because people are stupid, or there might be kids around who don't know any better. Gosh, why on EARTH would anyone want to risk having poisonous berries on a display where there is a chance they may be eaten by someone???? Just swap them out for something either edible, or non-toxic!
i tried this recipe and made it twice, the 2nd time I cut back on the cinammon and it was perfecto!!   I found it worked better as little cupcakes vs 1 cake :)   Thanks for the recipe, it's a keeper for me :)
lol when I read VD I read "venereal disease" LOL oops :P
Cute! love the bamboo edges :)   The coconut drink would have been nice too!
I voted Iced Life Bakery (needs to have the bakery part!)
I have to throw adulthood to the curb for a second and giggle, all the images on the first page look like boobs/nipples, esp the ones with the two tone colours hhehehehe
I can recommend this cake   Not sure on a frosting though, but its rich enough you could prob just dust with PS and serve, rustic-like :)
I used this one and this was my result:   :)
 Vanilla extract contains alcohol, and its made from real vanilla pods..Vanilla essence doesnt, and usually made from synthetic vanilla (ie just a flavour, nothing from real vanilla pods). That's the biggest difference :) I make my own vanilla extract :)
Well hats off to you for taking on an order of that description!   I'm almost inclined to ask you to PM me a pic, as I'd love to see how you interpreted it! I'd have NO clue where to start! Did she give you images to base it off of? Did you have to Google it?   Did she like it? Do you know what her guests thought?
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