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I have to make a zombie wedding cake and they want the figurines to look as close to real people .as possible 
Do you use real ribbon and what are the silver jewels around the ribbon.I am not a fan of putting anything fake on my cake so I am wondering if there   is anything edible like this out there and I dont know it??         
What do I type in when looking for the tutorial to do this.I am having a hard time finding it.
I am making a cake for a girl having her party at a haunted tour place and two of the places are a haunted church and a haunted jail.I have pictures of both and I was going to use the wilton candy chocolate to make silhouettes of both buildings along with a cemetery and the old gates so what is the best way to do this????
I have to have a new cake done by Friday and the cake is for a 13 yr old who loves zebra print,pink and all things spooky and she wants all these think incorporated in to a cake I am stuck on ideas Thanks so much
I am thinking of making the alligator out of fondant It doesn't have to be huge but I can find any step by step instructions on how to do him . I also need to make a monkey,girraffe and elephant I have found some tutorial on those.
What is the best way to make the alligator.Does any one have a detailed video or instruction on how to make it and other safari type animals.
My daughter loves to go mudding Its a southern thing LOL I am making a black silverado Z71 truck cake in a mud puddle I have just about decided to use rice crispy to sculpt the truck.Do you guys think this will be better than using cake? .I have a pattern to draw on the wax paper to help .The bottom or base of the cake will be enough to serve our guest .I am torn between fondant and molding chocolate to cover the truck.I am also trying the best way to get the glossy...
what do you guys recommend for me to use for the heat lights and running board lights.I want them to looks as real as possible.
thanks guys I am sure I have bitten off way more than I can chew but I am gonna give it a try
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