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Thank you both for quick reply. I will remember this for future request. I had to say no to the client because i got the Flue :(   Thanks once again
      Hi CC Family,   I was asked to make something similar with 46-50 cupcakes. I don't know if I should just price cupcake price or I should charge as Bridal shower dress cupcake cake? Since this is my 1st time I don't want over or under charge the client. Can anyone guide me how you'll have been pricing such kind of requests.   Thanks in advance
Thanks everyone. In rush i forgot to mention that i have problem when making fruit cake. I shall definitely start using hershey's kiss or bar in chocolate cakes. I appreciate everyone taking time out & guiding me :)   Thanks in advance!
Hi,   I needed some help in regards to Rectangle & Square Cakes corners. I wanted to know how I should make corners leveled so they don’t slump down. I would appreciate if anyone has a technique I would love to give a shot.   Thanks in advance!
Okay Got It! I appreciate you both taking time to guide & help me Thank YOU!!
Currently I own only 1 baby mold. I was thinking to make the babies in advance? What's your input?
It will take few mins since I am using the mold. 20 mins in freezer to may be total 25 mins
Hello,I needed it some pricing help. I was asked to make 40 modeling chocolate baby cupcake topper for baby shower but I have no clue how much should I charge the client. I have done those once as gifts for family friends. I wanted to see if anyone has done these in past & guide / help me to price it correctly. I will be making the cupcakes for them as well. I will be using Baby-1 by 1st Impressions. . Thanks in advance
Hello,I was send this photo by a client asking to make ruffle vanilla 9inch Cake. But since I have never done ruffle cake I am not able to give the client price yet. I was hoping you'll could guide me price this cake correctly. I would appreciate your help!!Thanks in advance
When i picked up the stencil it was all water on the cake
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