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Hello all. I have a cake request for Yo Gabba Gabba and it has been nearly impossible to find reasonably priced figurines. I have seen them on Amazon for about $200! Has anyone seen anything suitable for a cake that is more reasonably priced? Thanks a bunch in advance
Thanks KoryAK
Do the sps plates come in odd sizes and under 6"? If so where can I purchase them?
Thanks for the review
I like the wilton 1E tip...
I was about to buy one of these on Amazon. I'm glad someone here recommends it . Can either of you guys tell me what paper and ink works best with it? Thanks!
Speaking of edible labels how would you get something tiny precise without making a bunch of print outs? I need to make a label for the inside of a Louboutin heel I have due weekend after next. Please help if you can Thanks
THIS! lol I take pics everywhere as inspiration
I haven't had this issue with any of my liners since I switched to Williams Sonoma's gold touch cupcake pans... I leave them in the pan sometimes on accident (where they form a slight condensation on the bottom) and still they never pull away.
When I get off work tonight I'll be working on a Minnie mouse cake and finishing up 48 cupcakes. It will be my first and doesn't seem overly exhausting but I know how things always seem to take a turn for the worst when I least expect it lol.
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