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I think she left out a period after "something like this". Then, new sentence: "utube vid would be nice ..."
I got a PM from helen4u basically hitting on me! Disgusting. I was wondering what was going on. Glad to know but sorry it's happening.
Oh! Thanks annaleescakes! Somehow I missed seeing the link. I appreciate it!
Thanks. Mixing the lustre dust and painting it sounds good for gum paste pieces. What about coloring butter cream? Is that possible?
Hello.  Anybody have an answer to my question? I appreciate the help!
I've been looking at pics in the gallery and I see gold scrolls and other icing elements in gold. How can I color icing that way? Airbrush color?
My WalMart carries them. Or you can certainly find them at Hobby Lobby or Michael's in the cake decorating section.
Sounds like a place for old hippies to hang out. Just sayin'!
Cellular peptide cake with mint frosting! Ah hahaha! Another Star Trek fanatic like me!!!!! (gotta love Worf!)
Hahahahahahahahaha! This cracked me up!!!
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