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When does the Fashion Issue come out?Thank you
I just received an order for 24 dozen cupcakes next week. Normally I do not freeze cupcakes, I simply bake and decorate to order. However, this order has my wondering, would you start baking ahead of time and freeze them? If so, how do you do this ensure they still taste and look fresh? Thanks!
Either mini bikini cookie cutters or mini bikini molds?? To fit on top of a cupcake. So far the smallest cutter I can find is over 3". Not going to work..Thanks!
I would think making them out of gum paste with a dowel in them to stick into the cake would work.
Picture attached.I'm guessing small bunches of ruffled fondant attached with royal...Your guess?
Oooh! Thank you!
I think we've decided she used a oval cutter to imprint those into the sides, but what do you think about those odd shapes? Doesn't look like a crimper.
In the links below there are impressions in the sides of the fondant on some of the tiers. Are these crimpers that she's just not crimping, cookie cutters just being pushed into the sides, or what?
On most of Lori Hutchinson (The Caketress) cakes she has these beautiful gold accents. Is this gold highlighter? I'm wanting to achieve a bit of this look and want to make sure I order the correct thing.. Thanks!Edited to add: I have Food Grade Edible Gold and Silver Glaze - but it always goes on really thick and sticky like. It's almost a paste consistency. I haven't been able to get a smooth attractive finish with it.
I order most of my supplies from CK Products. You have to have wholesale account with a EIN/tax id number, and minimum order of $125.
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