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Thanks, he isnt even elderley, he's 56 lol. He usually can take a joke, but i wasnt to know he's been in a mood over something for days. Ive been so upset over this, i honestly thought he'd like it. There wasnt much else i could do as im not a cake making expert.
Heya,I decided to make my dad a cake for his birthday (which is today). My dad is prone to moods, so i thought it would be funny, and that he'd find it funny, if I made him a Mr Grumpy cake. He's not into drinking beer, or sports, so this is the only thing i could think of.Anyway, its been mad this week, with my endless hospital visits, and xmas etc, so I barely had enough hours in the day to do one.I got it finished eventually after many hours, packed it up, and my mum...
Thanks guys, i just feel pretty down about it. They were taken to a xmas fayre today, i couldnt face taking them so my other half had to. I cant see anyone wanting to buy them, or win one in a raffle!
Heya,I've only started making cakes since July, and have really enjoyed doing them, and hoped in the future, after I've gained more experience, I could actually do this for a living.Tonight I'm questioning myself. I don't actually think I've got what it takes at all.This week I've had to make 4 cakes for a xmas fayre, and each one has been a complete disaster. Wonky cakes, uneven cakes, cakes with horrible air bubbles in under the fondant.I know I am my own worst critic,...
lol oh god i was tempted!Doing a cake at the minute and its coming along great (touch wood). Cant wait until she see the pic of it lol.
Thank you! What brilliant ideas!
Heya, I need to make a new home cakes for my brother in law for Saturday, but I'm really struggling for ideas!I've searched the gallery, and there are some really super ones, but theyre moving into an apartment, not a house!I thought about doing a number 66 cake, but I'm just a beginner, and if I'm honest, a round/square one would be a lot easier!I'm struggling for ideas! Any help would be massively appreciated Thanks
Thank you all If my cakes were 100% perfect, i would of charged a lot more.I'm not really doing this to make money, its just a hobby for me really, but still its my time etc im charging for. It is her loss, my cakes are yummy lol!
Heya,An old school friend recently asked me how much i'd charge for a round star cake, and i said £14.Included for the £14 would be a cake box to put it in (around £2.30 off ebay), a cakeboard (£1) plus the costs of ingredients & electric to cook it. After all that id be making about £6 profit, if that.She then turned round and said she didnt want it as it costs a lot, and it wasn't worth it.As a beginner, my cakes take quite a lot of time to do, and this has made me quite...
This thread is great Someone wants me to make them a cake, and has asked me how much id charge. I havent got back to her yet as i really havent a clue.I'm just a beginner, and my cakes really arn't that great. Actually id feel really embarrased to sell one!I was just thinking of charging her for whatever the ingredients and stuff costs.
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