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Posts by TheTattooedCakeLady This is the company that made the cake. I am doing one myself this week, so I was trying to do a little research. Maybe they would give some insight if emailed privately :)
So glad I read this post. I luckily have t-fal pans and the grooves on the bottom are actually perfect for making a vinyl record from sugarpaste! Thanks!
I have scoured the internet and just can't find anything on this light blue can of some sort of edible spray that Buddy (Cake Boss) is using on his finished modeling chocoalte roses.Does anyone know what this is exactly and what the benefits of it's use are?Thanks so much!
I have used the Original Cupcake Tree four times now. Yes it is a disposable stand, but I offer my customers a choice of renting and having to return or using one of these disposable stands that they can just toss. They always go with the toss option. It can be decorated to match their wedding better and I just put the charge for the ribbons and paint on the invoice. I usually charge $50+ depending on the ribbon and details. I have found them cheaper at Save On Crafts...
Absolutely! and look up the 6 counts cupcake containers. They are extra high as well so they won't squash any really high swirls or delicate sugar flowers.
Forgive me, I was quoting how I priced them out using two 6-count sets. You can get the 6-counts 300 for 86.77 making them 3 cents a piece. Meaning 12 cupcakes in two containers for actually only 6.5 centsIt's a bit of a hassle but the 12 counts are 50cents a piece at 100 for $50.I sell my cupcakes for $14-16 bucks so the 50cents isn't a bad deal for me.sorry for the confusion
I invested in a large quantity of 12-cup clear plastic cupcake containers. Only 11 cents per container if you buy in bulk.I baked 200 cupcakes just today actually for a wedding this weekend, oh and the top 3 layers for the 6 inch. In my one little oven. I have the recipes memorized and as one batch is baking the other is mixing and getting scooped into the liners. I never bake more than two days in advance. That is my promise to customers.After they are baked and cooled...
I have only been advertising my business for 6 months, and I am already booked solid for the next 6 months. I have been increasing my prices steadily at a per serving rate. Every time I raise my prices I get more customers. The word of mouth and the consistency of your product will mean no matter what your price, they will want your work. I am double what other cake shops sell for around here and still getting business. But I also am the only one who does the type of cakes...
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