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I have a potential bride that wants a square 3 layer (offset stacked) cake to feed at the max of 50 people and she plans to keep the top layer...what sizes should I use to make it look proportioned?? Oh and it is a beach theme, we are still working out the details but it will of course have sand and shells! ANy help would be appretiated...and what should I charge, she wants a lot of detail!!
One of my co-workers is leaving at the end of the year. Her position was an internship and she is ready to move on. She has brought so much joy to our office with her youthfullness, joy and laughter. We are going to miss her terribly and can only pray we find someone 1/2 as good to replace her. you can see she is pretty special and I want to make a cake to make her feel special.She loves purses (Baby phat....and others) she also loves cartoons and is our...
Help...I have an old cookbook and the recipe calls for 1 cup of sweet milk...what is that....regular milk??? Evaporated or condensed?? The recipe is pound cake by the way!!
i am currently living in NC but my husband has a job offer in Atlanta. So needless to say we may be moving. Is anyone here from Atlanta? What are the laws on home baking? The worst part of the move is starting over trying to get your name out!! Anyway.....aaarrgghhhhWhat's it like living in the Atlanta area? Are the alot of cake supply stores and resources or events???Thanks for your help!!
Thank you all for the advice....I assembled it on site...and it really didn't take too long and the ride was so less stressful. I almost gave myself a heart attack worrying over this cake. I haven't heard from the bride yet...she is on her honeymoon but promised to call with feedback when she returned.Below is the cake...the Bride told me the florist was going to leave some loose daisies for me to arrange for the cake topper but when I got there I found this large...
Thanks for the advice...I was afraid it would rub off or smear....I think I will look for some green wrapping paper since I have a roll of contact paper....that seems easier that trying to cover the board in green MMF!!!Wish me luck...I am nervous since this is my first carved cake!!
I am doing a Thomas cake this week! The cake will be Thomas and one freight car (both hand carved from 1/4 sheet cakes). The customer wants it to be set up on a larger board with tracks and trees. I have 2 full sheet cake boards that I plan to tape them together for added strength. Can I spray the boards with the color mist to give it a green color. I plan to use royal icing to make grass and trees but I was looking for an easier way to cover the whole board. Will it run...
I love the crusting cream cheese. I have used it on several cakes!!
Bumping this one...I have to make the same cake this weekend and was curious how it would work with the extender recipe!!
OK...I had my time wrong the ceremony is at 1:00 and the reception is at 2:00...........I am del;ivering it at 11:00 so I went ahead and took the cake out of the fridge at 9:00am............will it be to room temprature by then????
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