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That's great news! (minus the 5k limit). I think 5K makes the point of a home bakery pointless. I most likely would spend 5K just to make my equipment better equipped for the business. I hope that's a misprint and they meant 50K haha. Highly doubtful though...
I currently work in a commercial kitchen. I am moving to Alabama soon, and I honestly think that the CFL law is the best thing that has happened. I trained under someone for years. Now, I want to start my own business, and because of student loans from college and culinary school, it's pretty impossible to invest in my own commercial kitchen. I think everyone has the option to do whatever it is with their business. Yes, some home bakers aren't always following guidelines,...
Fingers crossed! Maybe the smoke ban will keep their heads clear : )
I hope it's good news!
Im moving to Birmingham.
There hasn't been anything posted. Im moving to Alabama as well, but Im looking into different kitchen spaces to rent for my business because I just feel like it will never pass. Its kinda sad leaving Austin when their cottage law just was signed.
The proposed bill is very similar to the one in practice in Texas. I really hope it passes. It would save me a lot of stress of finding and building a kitchen just to make cakes.
Im drafting my letter now. I currently live in Texas, but I am thinking about moving back to Alabama.
I was researching Alabama cottage law on google and found your post. Do you know what the current restrictions are relating to cakes? Thanks!
Thanks! That was very helpful.
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