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Thanks everyone for all your help. I will def recommend freezing them and price out the plastic snap containers. Toshia
I know they would prefer to freeze them and logistically I am not sure how they plan to handle that in terms of when the cake comes out (good point and I will have to discuss) but, maybe this is a silly question, how does that impact the bc decorations? I have only ever frozen undecorated cakes and have wrapped them in both plastic and foil and then freezer bag. I don't see how you can wrap a decorated cake?? As you can tell I am a newbie here. Until now I have only done...
Yes I do which is why I am concerned about them wanting to refrigerate them. I don't want them to be refrigerated but they, like most places, are addicted to refrigeration.
I have a restaurant that wants to give their cutomers complimentary mini bday cakes when they eat there on their birthday. We have agreed on the size and look of the cake but I need to get back to them with pricing info. That is not my primary question but would love any advice on that. Keep in mind the restaurant will not be making anything on these cakes directly. I know they sell most of their desserts for $5-6 though. The hope is that the mini cake is just for the bday...
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