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Can anyone tell me what's the black decoration on the bottom of this 2 tier cake? I cannot figure out what it's supposed to be.      
Sounds great, but I don't have an IPad or an IPhone.  I think I'll purchase the Kopykake projector.  Thanks for all the information.
Has anyone used a Kopykake projector to decorate oookies?  I am thinking about purchasing the 300xk, but I'm not sure if it's worth the money.  I love to decorate cookies, so I would love to have one. 
Does anyone in Missouri pay attention to this law getting passed? I have been contacting various state reps (in particularly the ones that are sponsoring this), and I am having a hard time getting someone to answer me back. Us bakers need to stick together, so we can get on these state reps to pass this bill!
Does anyone know the status of this law? I've been contacting various state reps in MO, and I cannot seem to get answer.
I am looking for a good fondant recipe that I would use to make figures out of for a cake. I made the marshmallow fondant, and then found out today that the marshmallow fondant isn't the correct type of fondant for making figures. Also do I add tylose powder to make the fondant harder? I do have some of that.
ok, thanks for responding to my e-mail. I know there's a lot to consider with pricing.Mary
Does anyone have any idea how much I should charge for the following: cupcakes, cake pops, cake balls, giant cupcakes, etc? I am baking out of my home and just selling to family, friends and co-workers. I may bake out of a commercial kitchen sometime and sell at craft fairs and farmers markets, but if I do that, I will definitely have to consider the price of using a commercial kitchen. Thanks,Mary
How do I make off white candy melts pure white?
You both make awesome cakes. My daughter also uses RKT. Thanks for the tips. I'll use RKT too.
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