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As you Wish I live in New Brunswick and happens to be the worst place for humidity so I do have problems too when I comes to fondant and buttercream , lol. And that's why I loathed baking in the summer here. And today it's very windy, which is helping, but in the sun it's hot. I just hope the 20 mns drive to the reception will turn out ok. Good thing my AC is working fine. again, thanks all with the feedback. Much appreciated.
Thanks you cheeseball. I decided to test try one out while I'm home. So I have the flowers in front of a fan and I put a cupcake with a flower on it on  a cupboard. And so far, knock on wood, it's holding it's shape. 
Thanks for your feedback. I had made the flowers a while back. I remember putting tylose in my first batch, then I forgot to put more in other batches when I was rolling the out to cut them. No I didn't put then in a fridge. I had them in a container for quite a few weeks. And I know the problem is, of course, that I forgot to add the tylose into the other batches before cutting them into shapes. The flowers are not fancy or anythings. Only a small 5 petal cuter with a few...
I made some flowers for a wedding a while back. When it came to placing them on the cupcakes once i buttercreamed them. I checked later in the evening on them. ( I prepared the cupcakes with the flower the night before.) My flowers were all soggy and wilting. I remade them mixing fondant and tylose power and now the day of the wedding, today, I'm not putting the flowers on the cupcakes until i get to the reception. Am I going to have the same problem and should I race out...
I did think about those colors to mix, but I wasn't a 100% sure. But thank you very much for your:grin: input. I do appreciate it.
I need some help with getting a coral color for flowers I'm making for a wedding cake and cupcakes. Where I live we only have wilton colors and no Americolor. My question is does anyone know which color to mix from Wilton to make a coral color? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Ok. Now I'm not sure if I do want to sell them decorations now. Its for a co-worker of my husband, that we do know well. But I see your point cakecarving, in saying they could re-sell or put it on a crap cake. I don't believe they would, but you never know. Thank you so much for your inputs, it makes me think of things I never would have thought before.
I received an email asking how much I would charge for cake decorations. The email said that the lady and her mother will be making the cake for the kid and wanted me to make a few butterflies and flowers to put on the cake. Since I've never been asked for a price on decor alone, I'm not sure how to price it. Does anyone have an idea about pricing? Thanks a bunch!
If that happens to me, it's because it's humid. It may be that that's causing your icing to run. Ever tried using a fan around your work area? It may help if that's the case. Just keep it at a distance blowing off a wall. I hope that helps you.
Thank you for your input. I didn't think that a dummy cake would be priced the same as a cake. I knew I would still have to decorate and such, but being it's not real cake, I didn't think it would be as pricey. Thanks again.
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