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I live in Kansas which is unfortunately a state that does not currently have a cottage food law in place. I really want to be able to have a legal home bakery!! Has anyone out there gone about getting this in place in their state? What steps would need to be taken (talk with a state rep??). Just wondering if there is anyone who has been successful at getting their state to reconsider putting this in place! Any advice, tips, etc is greatly appreciated!
Its a 12 year anniversary. Love the other 2 suggestions. The cake pop one I might have to save for another day (want something more simple), but the love bug one I think is especially great!
I've had a request for an anniversary cake that also happens to fall on Valentines Day. I've tried searching some cute ideas on here and on google, but apparently every cake that is dedicated to Valentine's Day has to be hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Now, I know its a day dedicated to love, but are there any Valentine's Day cakes that aren't so.....cliche?? I don't mind a few hearts (or references to love & romance) but has anyone done or seen a cake that isn't SO...
Thanks! I'll try both of those suggestions as well!
And I'm thinking I'll have to try thinning down the bc as well!
That looks amazing! I'll try it out on my cake for this weekend....hope I end up with great results!
I've been decorating cakes for about a year now, I prefer to do fondant over BC mostly because I still can't seem to master that smooth look. I've tried the paper towel method & the hot spatula method but it still just isn't right somehow. No matter how many times I go over it, it still has unsmooth areas. It's almost like a stucco wall (but not quite so noticeable). Not to mention the corners just aren't as crisp as I would like. I've looked into the upside down method...
I suppose the iron could work if you don't have just a steamer. Steam it just long enough to give it some sheen, but not melt it.
Are you using fondant? If you are, use a steamer and it gives it a sheen.
Does it have to be ball shape tiers? I found a picture of a really cute stacked cake snowman, but it uses traditional rounds instead of ball shape. Might work better for stacking. If not, the overall idea is cute. 11 rows up from the bottom)
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