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I'm a box mix baker. Whether I buy a yellow cake or a red velvet, its the same price for me to buy, so I charge the same basic price. If I have to doctor it up, or spend more to make it (such as a carrot cake), then I charge a "specialty flavor" price.
I'm with debidehm. Haven't tried making a giant cake ball, but I feel the the 2 bowl shapes would work great. If you don't have a ball shape ban, I would use 2 glass bowls.
I usually stick my cake in the freezer for awhile before covering in fondant but I still end up with rounded edges Haven't tried ganache; I've always used BC as my frosting. Wondering how to still achieve the sharp edges without switching from my BC. I'm thinking I'll try and roll it thinner next time and see how it turns out.
I love easy to work with! However, when I cover my cakes in fondant, they tend to have a more rounded look, rather than the crisp edges I prefer. How do you guys get a more crisp look? Could it be that I've rolled the fondant too thick (I feel like I get it thin, but maybe not thin enough)? Do different brands create different results? Help!!
I made a tie-dye cake using yellow cake (from a boxed mix) and I thought it tasted delicious! Just seperate into equal parts and color with gel colors. I was able to "glob" them all in one pan, but I imagine thin layers would work just as well!
I've had a request to do a birthday cake that is on St Patricks day, so she wants to incorporate that along with his favorite college KU (University of Kansas). Thats also the anniversary of the day they met. Any ideas on how to incorporate all these ideas into one cohesive cake? I was thinking of making a cake to look like a leprechaun's hat and then putting the Kansas Jayhawk logo on top....but thats about all I can think of. Just wondering if anyone out there had any...
Ive never tried it, so I'm not sure. I wonder if you just make it thicker than you want to make up for what melts, and apply with a tiny amount of piping gel, if that would work?
Cotton candy? Thats the only thing I can think of.....
I had a request for a sheet cake for a local florists grand opening. She wants a sort of cutting guide ON the cake (I'm guessing so she can make sure she can get the correct amount of servings out of it) which is fine, but I'm having trouble finding a reference picture to work off of (want to make sure it doesn't look stupid). She came up with the idea of having a little calla lily on each serving piece, so there'd be about 60 flowers to represent each piece (60 servings...
I would imagine A LOT of trial and error!
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