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I got an inquiry from a potential customer today. She wanted a Little Mermaid cake for her daughters birthday in July. She needed it to feed about 35-40 people. She even attached some really cute, creative, detailed pictures to go off of. After sending her some options and pricing, the reply I get back is, "Do you have any options for a cake costing around $35?"My first reactions is "Ya, go to Walmart!" but obviously I don't want to say this to the customer. It wouldn't be...
Wedding cake for a friend. 14", 10", 8" round wedding cake with 5 sheet cakes. Although it was a simple cake (just a band of ribbon around each tier), after 8 batches of frosting I'm glad for the break in cakes I have for the next few weeks!
I do use a high ratio shortening. I'm going to assume the freezing has something to do with it. Next cake I'll test it out!
Oh, and I use gel based color. The green happens to be Wilton, but the Americolor did the same to me.
Not using any water when I smooth. I blend the color with a mixer. I don't ever let it sit for more than 10-15 min so maybe thats the problem?Also, I freeze each layer I frost (crumb coat, stick in freezer for 10 min, another coat, sit in freezer for 10 min, then final coat, let it sit out at room temp). Could freezing the frosting layer under it make this happen?
Need some help. It seems that everytime I frost a cake using a colored BC, it turns out really splotchy instead of one consistent color (I've attached a picture). How do I fix this??
I think thats pretty much the answer I gave them, is that I would make sure to order enough servings for each guests because you do have people that won't eat at all, or you'll have some that will take 2 (especially if there's more than one flavor). Just thougt I had heard that somewhere there was a percentage. I'll just continue with the 100% answer, more money for me anyway
I had a wedding client over for a consultation a week or so ago and she asked a question I had never really thought about or knew how to answer: "How much of the cake is leftover when people order for 100% of the guest count?" In other words, how much percentage of the wedding guests can you expect to eat cake? On all of my other cakes, I just make sure to offer a cake that will feed 100% of the guests, but when someone specifically asks, what is a generally accepted...
Not sure if that would work or not, but if you're using a crusting BC it only takes 15 or so minutes to crust. Also, try sticking it in the fridge or freezer. I stick mine in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and it hardens up pretty firm.
I know it stinks, but I would just suck it up and start all over in a week. I'd hate to even risk serving a stale/dried out cake. You could donate that one to a shelter or serve it to family/friends, but definitely start over fresh in my opinion.
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