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I'm definitely not changing anything about how I run my business to suit her needs. I'm more concerned about her lack of organization and her ability to write down/remember things I have told her. I'm also not worried about maintaining a personal relationship with her; I haven't talked to her since high school (at least 10 years) and even then we were just classmates. Personally, she annoys the heck outta me!   Not sure how I should word the "break-up"....
Let me start by saying that I do cake decorating in my spare time. I have a full time job, but I enjoy decorating cakes and it keeps me busy most weekends.   I've recently been in contact with a "wedding coordinator" (she's an acquaintance from high school who is trying to become a wedding coordinator, IMO she has a long way to go, but thats just my perspective). I really have no issue working with a wedding coordinator, however, in this case she has become a pain in...
I always ask them if they're planning on keeping their top tier for their anniversary. If yes, then I do NOT factor this into the serving amounts. I also provide the option of baking them a fresh cake on their anniversary that is replica of their top tier.
I bake from mixes, but I usually add a tablespoon or 2 of mayo and it seems to help (the flavor is not altered at all).
I've done a couple of tie-dyed cakes. The cake itself was tie-dyed by using white cake and then dividing in equal parts (5-7 parts) and colored with different gels (one was red, one was purple, etc). Then, when you put in the cake pan, just layer and run a knife through it (like you would in a marble cake). Then I "tie-dyed" the fondant by taking different colors...first by making long ropes, twisting them, then kneading them (careful not to knead tooooo much or else it...
I recently used Lorann oil to flavor a cake (white cake flavored with Irish Cream) and the flavor turned out great! You could always use this to flavor the white cake and the color doesn't have to match neccessarily ie. the orange layers doesn't have to be stuck on an orange flavor or pumpkin.
I use DH cake mixes for all my cakes and have never had a problem stacking! Just be sure to use plenty of support (dowels, straws, etc).
Sorry I can't help you with recommendations, but I can tell you that I had absolutely bad luck with the mists, especially on fondant. It didn't spray evenly, you don't get as much control as I imagine you do with airbrush, and it ran off the fondant (didn't quite "stick on" like it should). I highly recommend something else!
I use boxed cake mix as well. I always use thick plastic dowels on the bottom tier (sometimes 2nd from bottom) and normal wooden dowels for the rest of the tiers. Never had a problem with it!
I have a degree in Entrepreneurship. I'm by no means an expert, but if you're truly ready to write a business plan, don't expect to do it in a day! Get some advice with a local small business bureau, invest in some software that will help guide you through the process, and take your time! Really think about each step of the process: how you'll handle accounting, marketing, employees, any local/state laws, taxes, etc. Research, research, research!!
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