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You did everything you could. You even said that you came to that agreement with the bride/groom. You gave them ample warning.   You can't let the guests dictate either what environment was right for the cake. 88degrees out of the sunlight might have been comfortable for them, but we (as professional cake decorators) KNOW that buttercream can melt very easily in these conditions. We don't tell others how to do THEIR job, so we can't let others tell us how to do our...
I use piping gel sometimes if I'm attaching something a little heavier. Water for everything else.
Thank you all! I really like the ribbon idea. :-)
That would be perfect for fondant! I'm planning on using buttercream though :-( Any ideas for a similar effect on BC?
Maybe posting the actual picture will be easier!  
    Whats the easiest way to achieve this ribbon look? My best guess is fondant strips, but I have a fairly large bottom tier (possibly 16") and figured it would be quite difficult to roll out long enough strips/ribbons for this (I obviously don't want many seams).   Any other ideas?
OMG that blog is cracking me up!! Aaah, I should have none not to reply....her reply to mine was something to the effect of "i live in your town and got your number off google searching cupcake sellers" (all of course in broken english). BAH, wish these scumbags would just disappear!
Thanks! I sent an emailing back asking where/when her event was and how she found me...I have yet to receive one back, but now I know to ignore. And to be quite honest, I don't think I have the capacity or time to bake and decorate 500 cupcakes anyway :-/
I received this email last night:     Hello         Good day am Mary George  i have a private party schedule  i will like to place an order  do you have cupcakes butter cream or vanila flavor also do you accept credit card as payment  so if you have cupcakes i will be needing this information How much will 500 cupcakes will cost me ...... your address for the private carrier coming for the pickup...
Recently had someone request both of these cakes. Both look like bc, not fondant, but I could be wrong. I've never attempted such cakes, so I'd like some tips/hints/advice from anyone that has made something similar. TIA!    
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