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 You got it! Made me think of a cupcake business one of my friends launched last week. In her pricing section she has....wait for it. 25 cupcakes/$2050 cupcakes/$35100 cupcakes/$70 My first thought was, you have no idea what you are doing! How do you package cupcakes in boxes of 25! She begs for FB likes every hour. Arrgghh!
Crazy, for that price they can't even get a dog shaped cake from a Wilton pan with the star tip. Bark off!
That's not cool, pets in a bakery.   As an aside, this reminds me of a conversation I had with my 3-year old last month.  Son - Do you want to get a pet from my pet store?Me - What type of pets do you have?Son - Umm, lizards, turtles, and unicorns.Me - Okay, I'll take a unicorn.Son - No pets in the bakery! GET OUT OF HERE!
The have a few cake decorating classes through the Fairfax County Public School Adult Continuing Education Program. There isn't as much variety as their use to be. But it's a great start.   You should also keep an eye on this website:   lots of announcements about classes are...
I had no idea you could actually have a home-based bakery without an inspection. I guess when I started out, I got a hold of the older information-but i'm surprised as to why one wouldn't get an inspection. The process isn't hard, and the $40 fee is one of the cheapest expenses I've had. Yes, putting the package together is mundane, but again wasn't a big deal because I already had all my recipes written out by weight, since I had to cost out how much each product costs me...
Thanks, nothing wrong with tweaking the language a bit. I just changed "Latest Store Additions" to "Featured Products" since several have pointed that out. 
 MimiFix, your story is amazing! What an inspiration you are!
 We thought about fighting her for a refund, but the truth of the matter was, she called just about every day to change her order.  We didn't start on anything because we knew when she stopped by with the toppers she would want to change something else. We were a bit relieved not to have to work with her any further.  So it was really a "take your money and kick rocks and don't come back" kinda feeling. 
When my partner responded she did ask was there anything in particular that caused the confusion, or anything on her "tour" of our kitchen that made her uncomfortable and she simply stated "your website make it look like a commercial bakery not an out of the house operation". 
 Thank you! Good points.
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