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Thanks, nothing wrong with tweaking the language a bit. I just changed "Latest Store Additions" to "Featured Products" since several have pointed that out. 
 MimiFix, your story is amazing! What an inspiration you are!
 We thought about fighting her for a refund, but the truth of the matter was, she called just about every day to change her order.  We didn't start on anything because we knew when she stopped by with the toppers she would want to change something else. We were a bit relieved not to have to work with her any further.  So it was really a "take your money and kick rocks and don't come back" kinda feeling. 
When my partner responded she did ask was there anything in particular that caused the confusion, or anything on her "tour" of our kitchen that made her uncomfortable and she simply stated "your website make it look like a commercial bakery not an out of the house operation". 
 Thank you! Good points.
Thanks for the feedback it is very useful! Different people have different impressions with the same language, and we strive to be transparent and really have always tried to make it clear that we are a home-based bakery.   For non-custom items we found it most efficient with our time to let people order online, especially during the holiday rush.  I never thought about it before but using the words "store" and "shop" could be confusing. I'm not sure how to rectify that....
For the first time ever, I had a paying customer that was confused about my bakery status. Last night she came to drop off some cupcake toppers. She left, then came back about 5 minutes later to ask if she could have the toppers back and she would put them on herself. I thought, weird since you just drove 30 minutes to drop them off.   Later I got an email saying, she was misled by us, and had no idea we were a home-based bakery and she wanted to cancel her order with a...
Trader Joe's sells alcohol free vanilla extract at a really good price, for future reference. 
 Cupadeecakes, that is an awesome cake! Louglou, you are so right, before anyone makes anything they should think about how to make it in cake first and re-design as necessary.  
How much time do you have. Edible image would be cheaper, but you can always get a custom stencil made that you can use over again. Depending on the company and detail they start a $20 (just letters), with lettering sizes as small as 1/4".  Either of the whole keyboard (custom design where you provide the drawing) or individual letters, then your royal icing could be much more precise.   Yes, the laptop wasn't meant to be so realistic.  The first time I did the laptop...
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